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failed upgrade


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we are having serius problems with calls not geting in/out our pbx


The caller gets an error in his display


The callee barely has the chance to hear the phone ring then sees a missed call


At almost exactly the time that the call fails I see this message in the logs


Call limit reached. Call ports 55, g729 50


and if I do a tcpdump I see either one of these two sip errors


SIP/2.0 415 Unsupported Media Type


SIP/2.0 501 Not Implemented


but at the same time in status -> general I see only 25 call legs:


Calls: ... 10/25 Calls


From what I can tell when ever I hit 20 call legs the errors appear. When I fall bellow 20 the errors stop.


All these hapened today after we’ve made an upgrade from ver3 to ver4


status -> general has this info:


Version: (Linux)


Created on: Nov 29 2011 15:16:54


License Status: snom UK - pbxnsip - foo - Hosted - Pro Plus 50 calls - UP Ends on 01st October 2012


License Duration: Permanent


Additional license information: Extensions: 834/9999 Accounts: 1460/9999 Upgrade: 10 06 2012


Working Directory: /usr/local/pbxnsip/PBX MAC Addresses: 0024E85C6A37 0024E85C6A38


Calls: 2251/1599 (CDR: 3371/2421/3925) 13/26 Calls


SIP packet statistics: Tx: 899504 Rx: 899620


Emails: Successful sent: 315 Unsuccessful attempts: 15 Available file system space: 40%


Uptime: 2013/3/20 13:57:32 (uptime: 0 days 15:03:45) (95436 103835072-0) WAV cache: 5


Number of HTTP sessions: Sessions: PAC=0, HTTP=93; Threads: SIP=54, HTTP=8

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Hmm at first glance I would say revert back to the previous version.

already reverted but that's not a permanent solution

It could be that the definition of calls and call legs has changed between 3 and 4, I don't really recall any more as this is already a couple of years ago.

I thought of it also so let's see if you can help me grok the info from the system. On settings -> general the system reports:

> Calls: 2251/1599 (CDR: 3371/2421/3925) 13/26 Calls


I guess that this means 13 calls with 26 call legs - am I right (I do see around 13 calls in status -> calls)?


At almost the same point in time in the logs I see

> Call limit reached. Call ports 55, g729 50


I also guess that this means I using 55 call ports for g729 calls while my limit is 50 - am I right?


Anything else you suggest I check out in the logs/sip traces?


Also is it normal for the system to emit either one of these messages when it thinks the call ports limit has been hit?:

> SIP/2.0 415 Unsupported Media Type

> SIP/2.0 501 Not Implemented

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As far as I can remember, in version 3 and also in early version 4, it was "all or nothing" regarding G.729A. This codes is special because it must be licensed per call from the patent owners and they don't change their contracts for us. The argument was that you can re-INVITE a call with G.711 and switch to G.729A; so it would eat up one G.729A license if you use it or not. Later, we introduced some more intelligent way to offer the codec or not. That definitively explains the 415 error messages.


The 501 messages are usually for requests that the PBX does not process in that context. For example, if you disconnect a call and the call object is already gone, than the PBX would answer a BYE with 501. This is perfectly okay; in later versions we beautified that a little so that you get a 200 Ok on such late packets as well. But the 501 would not be of my concern at this point.

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I would say revert back to the previous version


after reverting a group of telephones comming from one IP will not register. I see them sending REGISTER packets to my IP (with tcpdump) but pbxnsip sends back nothing at all. This IP was blacklisted during the period that I was running ver4. I'm puzled -- any ideas?

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