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How many calls at once?


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Quick easy question that I cant seem to find the answer to:


How many calls can the conference room handle at one time?


We got it up to 7 today, but was wondering if there was a limit in SnomONE.


I know the PRI will cap it off at its limit.

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There is no hard-coded limit. When the CPU gets too much load, it will automatically reject more incoming calls.


However you have to keep in mind that the more people are in the conference and they don't use their mute button, the more noise you get. Worst-case scenario are cell phones in cars in hands-free mode in the conference room. If you have ten of them, a productive conference will be impossible.

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I see that the system requirements listed here are pretty vague http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Requirements


I have a ever growing pbx with about 15 domains on it now and im worried that I might be reaching my system resource limit.


What is the per user breakdown of the required cpu, hdd space, ram usage, and bandwidth?


I just want to make sure I scale this system up appropriately.

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The PBX rejects additional calls when the media thread has a active/idle ratio that is getting about the performance limit (the blue line in the status graph). By default, there is a generous buffer so that the overall call quality does not suffer too much. This makes sure that you don't have to worry that all users will experience bad call quality. Also, if the PBX rejects calls, you will get an email as administrator. This is a kind of warning shot that you need to take a serious look at this.


I would have the PBX send me a graph every night and from time to time check how much CPU is shown there. Usually you will get a Gauss-like curve there. If during the middle of the day, when everybody is busy on the phone, you are staying I would say below 40-50 %, things are okay.

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