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Emails for Missed Calls


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We recently upgraded a client to 4.5.1090 and they are complaining of changed behaviour for emails generated by missed calls.


Incoming calls are answered by AA and (in this instance) ring a 3 user hunt group. Missed calls to this group no longer (or so i am told) generate a "Missed Calls" email


Internal missed calls to individual users in the group generate an email, as do calls to their individual DDI numbers..


The web interface of the phones show the missed call, but they do not show in the users web page of the SnomOne.


Any suggestions ?

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That's a general problem. The phone can generate a missed call entry only if it got a incoming call; however you can actually miss call without the phone ringing. That's why these two lists are not in sync. On 3xx phones that were provisioned with PnP, we have put the missed call list on a button (the snom button), so that the phone always loads the missed call list from the PBX. Then the lists should always be in sync.

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