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Automatic Recording Calls to Extension


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You need to have a license for automatic recording. You can get a 30-day trial from snomone.com.

If that's the case, the snomONE web site is outright lying. On the extension feature page (http://www.snomone.com/extension) it says:


"Automatic call recording. Calls to the extension can be automatically recorded. The recorded messages are made available in the mailbox."


Then toward the bottom of the page it says.


"All those features are included in the standard configuration."


Since the cost to record one extension (that's all we need) costs more than a full 20 extension system, I think I'll have to cross snom ONE off the list. It's too bad, it was going to be my recommendation as the system we should get.

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If it is simply "not clear", what could it possibly be trying to tell me? It seems rather specific to me. Automatic recording is not mentioned in the bundles page so I cannot tell that it is not included. The only way is to look at the "off the menu" page, and it lists recording of inbound and outbound calls - it does not mention recording calls to any particular extension.


In addition to making the web pages clear accurate, I would like to recommend making the recording license price scale with the size of the system. I could easily justify a small price for our small system, but the same rate for a 5-person office as a 200-person call center is too hard to swallow. Especially when the competitor we are evaluating has it in their system for free (3CX).

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