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Select firmware version for provisioning

Stefano Trentini

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Hi everyone,

i have the Snom One (only software) version 5.0.10 (Win32), i can't find where is the parameters for the selection version of the firmware for each model of Snom phones. <_<

I've found only the Snom m9 field, but reading the technical manual i would be able to select the firmware for each model... Anyone can help me?


Attached one screenshot of the my Snom One provisioning web interface end one of the page of the manual i've read.


Thanks a lot! :D

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You can not just edit the template for snom_3xx_fs.xml. You can make these changes on system, domain and even on extension level. This makes it possible e.g. to try out firmware versions on one or two phones before rolling it out to all phones. This was not possible before.

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