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Is it possible to use a Snom phone as a "Room monitor" ?

What we would need to do is turn on the microphone of an "on-hook" Snom phone and be able to listen in to what is going on in the immediate area.


I can see "Listen-in and Teach" modes but they require a conversation to be in progress.





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While this sounds like an interesting application at first glance, users can get scared about that device on their table spying on them. That is why the snom phone policy is that the user should be aware about the fact that the mic is on and sends traffic to the network.


What you can do is use the intercom functionality if you want to listen in. The phone would play a beep in the beginning and go into handsfree mode. This is two-way audio, so you can also send voice to the handset. In order to use this feature, you must set the permissions on the PBX and positively define which extension is allowed to do that. For example, you don't want that everybody in the company can listen to the boss phone and the boss room, obviously.

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