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Dialplan problems


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I have a couple of issues with configuring a dialplan on a Snom ONE Mini running version


The dialplan does not block calls as expected.


The dial plan is simple:


300;Vitelity Gateway;;*;;;false



The test area shows that rule 250 matches to block calls to numbers such as 12319761234, but the calls are actually permitted to go through the Gateway when dialed on the PBX. There is no other dialplan assigned. Also, if I run a test number in the test area of the web page for 12319771234 the test results show that the number matches the 250 pattern when, in fact, it does not.


1) Why does my Pattern not block 1xxx976xxxx numbers in the real pbx

2) Why does the test area show that 1xxx977xxxx numbers will be blocked when they don't match the pattern?

3) Is there a different pattern that will actually work to block 1xxx976xxxx numbers?

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When I try ^1[2-9][0-9][0-9]334.* the test area for the dial plan works as expected, but the call goes through the PBX.


This is also true when I try 1[2-9][0-9][0-9]334xxxx


(Note I'm using 334 here instead of 976 so I can test with a non toll number, the real goal is to use 976 instead of 334.)


What is see in the log in either of these cases is:


Dialplan "test": Match 2313347380@pbx.XXXXX.com to sip:2313347380@sip29.vitelity.net;user=phone on trunk Vitelity Gateway


I also want to be able to block 411 calls. I'm testing with 611 instead. If I have a rule that says




and I dial 1611 even though the dial plan test show that rule 150 is matched, the log shows that the call goes through:


Dialplan "test": Match 1611@pbx.XXXXX.com to sip:1611@sip29.vitelity.net;user=phone on trunk Vitelity Gateway


Why won't the PBX block the above calls?


I have the PBX configured with


North America 2 digit extensions [2-7]x

Country Code: 1

Area Code: 231

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Oh. One more thing. If you are using country code 1, then all numbers are fed in a normalized form into the dial plan. Domestic calls are always presented in 10 digit format (no leading 1), all other number are presented with 011.... That means that [2-9][0-9][0-9]976xxxx should work for you.

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I understand what you are saying, but it does not work.


Here are some simple examples.




300;Vitelity Gateway;;*;;;false


If I dial on the phone 12313347300 the call goes through. The logfile shows:


Dialplan "test": Match 2313347300@pbx.XXXXX.com to sip:2313347300@sip29.vitelity.net;user=phone on trunk Vitelity Gateway


Call also goes through if I set the first (#200) dialplan rule to be



The call even completes if I set the first (#200) dialplan rule to be



As I test more I realize that it even completes if I set the #200 rule to be



This should block all calls, so I must not be understanding something.


I have the domain dialplan set to "test" which is the one I'm testing. The extension I'm dialing from has the dialplan set to "Domain Default"


Rewrite global numbers is set to "Check domain country code" for the Vitelity Gateway.


Why doesn't this work?

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