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PIKA WARP embedded appliance


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I'm looking for hardware that offers the option of using PSTN into a PBX and then uses SIP trunks for outbound traffic.

or maybe using the PSTN element as failover.


The PIKA WARP embedded appliance looks ideal with the addition of adding a 4 port analogue FXO card.


Has anyone any experience of the PIKA WARP and more to the point, has it been setup with the snom one software?

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We tried it out a couple of years ago. At the end of the day, the question is if a all-in-one box is the way to go. We tried the approach of the snom ONE plus; however the results was for us that it is easier to keep the PSTN gateway and the server topic separated. Not to mention the CS410, which we also tried a couple of years ago. Honestly, out appetite for a box with PSTN termination included is low after those experiences.


There is a market of PSTN gateways with great quality and sometimes also great prices. Today, you get 8 x FXO, E1, T1, J1, PRI and so on without any problems. For us, it is better to focus on having a great server hardware and having a great PSTN gateway hardware and not mix it up.

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Thanks for your comments and duly noted.


It sounds like an seperate piece of kits is required.


I now need some recomendations on PSTN Gateways that are tested and work fine with the some one software.


The scope of the work is to save having to port a PSTN number into VoIP and then having to install a new PSTN landline while running ADSL over it. This obviously becomes costly to the customer and would make more sense using their existing PSTN landline and route that into the snome one pbx via a gateway.


Any suggestions?

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As for PSTN gateways, top of my head appear Patton, AudioCodes, Grandstream, Vegastream (now Sangoma), Quintum, Mediatrix, and also Digium has now stand-alone PSTN gateways.


Also you should take a look at what SIP trunk providers offer if you want to use your Internet access to terminate VoIP calls.

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I'm going to be trialling a Sangoma Vega 50 soon to work alongside snom one for failover.

I like the two Sangoma Vega 100 PRI appliances I have installed. They do not break, the only trouble ticket was when TLS broke on the PBX and I had to reboot it. The Patton FXO gateways have been good to me also.

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