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Polycom Bug, not showing who is calling who


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Since we upgraded to Snom 5.0.10, We are using Polycom phone version Bootblock Bootrom, polycom version When someone call into the system and call a different extention we used to see on our screen who is calling which extension. Now, when someone calls in, we see that ext light blinking but the screens go blank.


Let me know if you have a solution for us.

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Okay the screen is not completely blank... The time server seems to be working in principle.


The Polycom has a attendant mode where people can see incoming calls (hopefully silent) for the purpose of checking pickup. Could it be something in this area that screwed up? The phone also has a web server, this could be a way of peeking at the configuration and finding a clue if something strange has been provisioned.

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I fixed it. It was this feature. just needed to add this to the xml.





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