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No audio until placed on hold and picked up

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We're running into an issue with several clients where they get no audio on an incoming call until they place it on hold and pick it back up. This is spanning 3 snomone servers; a 4.3, 4.5, and 5.0.10a. IPTables is disabled on all of them, SELinux is disabled on all of them. All of the clients have either a Sonicwall or Mikrotik router/firewall in place running QOS over Comcast either 16/2 Mbps or 20/5 Mbps connections. Phones are 320's, 720's, and 821's.


Some have no audio on outgoing calls until they hang up and place the call again. Oh and its intermittent just to make it fun.




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My guess is that the service provider has problems with early media. Sometimes that even depends on the number where the call comes from (2nd tier service provider). There is a settings in the trunk called "send 180 message" or so; try to turn that on to see if that helps. Obviously you loose the possibility to send the ringback tone from the PBX, but that is better than dead air.

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