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Calls don't stop ringing all extensions when picked up from one.


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Today an bug occurred I could do with looking into. It has happened (to my knowledge) twice before.


We have a SnomOne server and a number of Snom 870 and 821 extensions. Some of the extensions have a single user identity and a couple in communal areas have multiple identities for when people are away from their desks. The chain of events is as follows.

  • An incoming call rang to an agent group and a couple of extensions started to ring.
  • The call was picked up on one extension.
  • The remaining extensions continued to ring even though the call was already answered.
  • They continued ringing until each and every one of them was picked up (to no one on the other end of course).

Any idea what may have caused this?

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Something like that can definitively happen if for whatever reason the PBX looses the connection to the phones while they are ringing. They simply don't get the cancel message. You can track such things down by having the PBX send out an email when the phones lose registrations; just to get an idea on how many times that happens.


There were some older versions on the PBX where this situation also could happen when everything was okay in the network. But if you are on a recent version it should be not a problem any more.

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For example if the other phones are in a remote location and the one local stays registered it would be possible... It is not always easy to find the root cause immediately. For example, what if the caller-ID is "<script>alert('hello');</script>", then e.g. the phones that use webkit might act different than the others...


Also we recommend to use a little bit more outdated firmware for the snom phones as the newer firmware have various strange behaviors, also in the area of dealing with incoming calls.


Bottom line: Any clue that makes the problem more reproducible is welcome...

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Reproducible is difficult, I can only recall it happening about 3 times in the last 6 months. I can say however that 3 of the phones involved, the answered one and two that kept ringing, are all on the same local LAN, conenctedto the same switch, with the same firmware ( and are all 870's.

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