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the user portal is very nice ;-)

Our issues with this webinterface is


1.) Refresh

Calls not updatet in the interface until we refresh the browser manually the extension is direct updatet (RED).

After a manually refresh the call is showing and for a test we canncel this call all is direct updatet extension (green) and the call is gone.

Why we need to display a call a manually refresh

We know we need websocket browser IE10, Chrome etc. we use chrome


2.) Click2Dial

We push the button you can hear a short signal there is no number shown in the display after 2-3 sec later the call is signaling to the dialing fone. The problem is we can take on this call from the dialing fone and we are connected on the extension we can not hear anything.


Call this fone direct no problems (2 ways) the PBX is install on the server in the wan.


3.) Hide Extension

How we can hide extensions in the interface

We try under extension monitoring Permissions to monitor this account no change in the webinterface



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Which version are you running? I ask because that issue for updating the call has been fixed for some time now and it should do it without any refresh. Also the call should be there even if you were not on the page when the call was made and came to the page later, the call should be there.


About the click2dial, the user (extension) to whom the portal belongs must be registered and shown green before you use the Dial button for click2dial. I am sure you are doing that, I just wanted to clear that. Apart from that, another reason I could think of in which it wouldn't work properly would be if you are not using a snom phone for the call. If it's another phone, it could be that their CSTA call management has some problems or not completely compatible. Again it works perfectly for us here and I would like to know the version you are using.

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we use 5.0.10a and the account is green in the user portal.

For testing we have a snom 720 and one snom 760 registred to one account and try the click2dial with the second registred phone snom 760.

Maybe this is the reason two registration with different snom phone types on one account.


I will check click2dial on a free account with only one phone is this working




P.S.: Any idea to hide the extensions etc in the Web GUI

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