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Version 5.0.10 would not send buttons to SNOM phones


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OUr system is a 5.0.10, and all Snom phones are not getti g their buttons downloaded. I think the phone do not like the certificate of the system.


Has anyone bumped into this same issue, and found a solution?


Let me know,



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I am using these firmware. <firmware-settings>{if_parm model snom300}

<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom300-8.4.35-SIP-f.bin</firmware>{fi_parm model snom300}{if_parm model snom320}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom320-8.4.35-SIP-f.bin</firmware>{fi_parm model snom320}{if_parm model snom360}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom360-8.4.35-SIP-f.bin</firmware>{fi_parm model snom360}{if_parm model snom370}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom370-8.4.35-SIP-f.bin</firmware>{fi_parm model snom370}{if_parm model snom820}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom821-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom820}{if_parm model snom821}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom821-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom821}{if_parm model snom870}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom870-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom870}{if_parm model snom710}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom710-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom710}{if_parm model snom720}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom720-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom720}{if_parm model snom760}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snom760-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom760}{if_parm model snom_mp}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snomMP-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom_mp}{if_parm model snom_pa}
<firmware perm="RW">http://provisioning.snom.com/download/fw/snomPA1-</firmware>{fi_parm model snom_pa}
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Is there anything in the generated folder (working directory of the PBX)? There you can see what files have been generated specifically for this extension. Also on the phone, you should be able to navigate to the status menu where you can see what firmware is being used.


If the provisioning worked fine, you should have 8.4.35 or, which is okay.


I see that you have decided to use UDP transport layer for the phones. UDP is not suitable for buttons, please change it back to TLS and try again. Buttons requires at least TCP and if I remember correctly it might even require TLS to work properly.

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I have the feeling that the provisioning does not work properly. Can you check if the generated folder contains new files (generated when you did the provisioning)? I am not aware about changes in the buttons area; but there were changes in the provisioning. You probably have to open up the extensions for provisioning again. Also, use 5.0.10o to make sure you don't run into something that has already been fixed.

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Well, it also need to create the files for the buttons. Did you do any customization of the templates? Anything in the html folder?

No changes were made. Pm me. Matbe you should login into my auatem and get me some help. Its embarrasing for us that snom phones dont work with snom. :)

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