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What a mess!!!


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Hello Forum and hello Snom



First I like to tell you that i like your Phones!! But who is responsible for the snomwiki? I just try to download the Installer for the snom PBX 4.5 version.... ahhhh no, am I the only one trying to get these files? What about a shirt like:


I went to http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Installers_(Release_4.5)


and all i got was that lousy :

Not Found

The requested URL /snomONE/win32/v4.5/snomone- was not found on this server.

on all versions for all operating systems.... if you dont want me to download the files take the wikipage down or at least write something about this...

but wait, there is one more page with the same filelinks, all dead...


is it so hard to keep the page updated?

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ahh yes I understand, blame monday, especially the morning, let's see what tuesday will bring on that pages...


let me help you:


"Sorry folks but version 4.5 is no longer on the snom servers available. Please go and get version 5! If you need version 4.5 , shame on you, how can you want this old version, we don't like it anymore... :P go and get V5, its all shiny and new!! Better! Faster! Rocksolid!
Someone needs to take the links down from this Wiki, but all employees are freaking busy at the moment, It is summer in Germany!!! No time for boring wikistuff... "


Thanks for the replay...



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Well, many people are still upgrading from 4.3 and 4.2 versions to 4.5.1. Those clients don't need an installer. Yes, welcome to the software world, we appreciate it if people move on to version 5. -_- We are trying it a better software, and nobody likes to work for free.

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