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Bring back appearance, And rebranding options.

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We need the rebranding and appearance tab to come back asap, to version 5+.


All our customer see we are are using SNOMONE.


I cannot use the system this way.


In addition, they get the Voicemails, it has all Snomone logos around.



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Don't worry about the images going to the provisioned phones - that's more difficult and not important right now...the web interface for ver 5 branding is more important and easier to get working.

I can reband mine via the templates, so I'm not sure why you cannot do this also?

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Thanks, all for the ideas. We know that and did that.


For some reason, SNOM always finds a way back into the picture. Now that our portal is branded, we have to get snomone in the voicemail emails. we gotta keep on running after this.


Therfore, I requested that we vote for appearance and branding abilities to come back to the system ASAP.

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