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Call Recording (v5) cant find the settings, was working in v4.5

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I am setting up a version 5 as a test, i cant for the life of me find the call recording section, v4.5 it was in:


[domain] / general settings (Recording default for this domain)


I cant find the above setting in v5.0.7 (Win64), ideas?

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You have to buy that feature in ver 5. Your license probably doesn't have it - that's why you can't see the settings.


really? how do you buy it? ive just upgraded alot of v4.x, i am going to be nailed over this.... dont tell me its $100's, this could put me in a very large hole...


as a "fix it fast" i assume rolling all these back to 4.x will be easy (i didnt see this "feature" vanish in there line up).

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Ive been sent a direct message by snomONE about this, there is no way i am going to get any clients to move from v4.5 to version 5.0 when they have to add $1000 to get the same features, as Cisco has been banging at my door its just about impossible now to not let them in as i just cant install version 5.x in any enviroment, it doesnt work the same as version 4.5.


Cisco phones are cheaper, however i have sent an email to snomONE sales about this as requested by snomONE member here.

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