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Brian Snipes

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Well, the "dialog-state" style still presents the caller-ID and that feature is still available.


The "buttons" style also provides the information, however the snom's don't display that (yet).


No matter what you do - the customers always complain :-))


But a privacy policy concept that goes beyond on/off is still not available.


I have just gotten the demo of pbxnsip downloaded and installed and am trying to get caller-id info to display on the screen of a phone that is monitoring another extension. These phones are Snom 370s. What is the 'dialog-state' style or can anyone tell me the exact steps to make the info appear on the screen of the monitoring station when the monitored user gets a call?




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There is some interesting information on http://wiki.snom.com/Features/LED_Remote_Control that explains some of the background.


Information is good but can't seem to put my finger on how to implement. An older thread in the snom phone sub-forum says it was working at some point the way I'd like it to but the Wiki docs are really clear about all the options available (probably because of new/updated features that come out).

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