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PBXNSIP Permanent duration shows no license

Frans Princen

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we have been using our PBXNSIP for some years now and we were happy with it until we experienced some problems last week with our server. We installed our software on a new server running windows server 2012 and restored our backup of PBXNSIP. After that we couldn't use it beacause the license status showed "no license" We have a permanent licesn.


Then we contacted our former distributor and they told us that we might best get back to a Windows XP SP3 like we alwys have been using . We repaired our old server and restored the software but still we got the same error. No license..


Can someone please tell us what to do ?



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If you put the dongle into the new server it should also work. If it does not work, it could be that there are some USB library problems. It is hard to keep that stuff compatible.


We usually offer the same upgrade path for pbxnsip like snom ONE customers. However because pbxnsip was not using activation codes, you need to send a quick email to sales to get that code (include the old license key in that).

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The format in version 5 is backward compatible with the previous versions even down to version 3. There are a few pitfalls when upgrading, especially on the trunk side that will require manual steps or at least checks. If you are using SIP service providers, check if the trunks register and you can make inbound and outbound calls.


Whatever you do, make sure that you copy the whole PBX directory to a safe place, so that you can start over again if you have to.

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