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Mailbox Greetings not uploading


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I have accedentially deleted all the files in the /recordings/ dir. I was able to restore most but not all.


Im trying to upload the lost recordings from the WebUI. I go to the extensions mailbox tab, hit brouse, select audio, select save. After this there is no recording listed next to the greeting #. Just "No File Selected"


Im on ver. 5.0.10


Anyone know whats going on here? Why I cant upload audio? I was able to upload IVR greetings in this same domain fine.


I did import some .wav off the old servers (pbxnsip) /recordings/ directory to restore some audio files. Most of these domains were migrated off this old pbxnsip system. Perhaps the new system see's the same file and will not upload it? Its hard to tell which recording is which since theyre named att23.wav, name244.wav etc etc,


Thanks in advance!



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I have a similar issue.


When I record a file on a customers 5.1 system and try to reload it on the same system or our office 5.1 system via the webui it does not work with the same issue "No File Selected" after uploading


Strange thing is, if I download a recording from another customers system that has old 5.0.8 and uploaded it to the same 5.1 systems I have no issue, the recording uploads fine. Bug???

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