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group without ringing


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You got a good point here. Buttons don't show the caller-ID.


Not sure what is the best way to address this.


Polycom has this "silent ringing" feature, so that the phone is essentially ringing in the hunt group like the other phones, just silent. This approach would have the challenge to tell the phone to change the ring melody from silent to audible. Which makes this path difficult to go.


Another way would be to send instant messages to the phone, so that I would render it on the display. I know this would work for most snom phones; however not sure about the rest of the industry.


Another approach would be to use the CSTA Browser for this. This would inherently have the limitation that only Windows clients are supported; but it would be possible to show short bubbles in the display when the call to the group comes in.


Then the last approach I can think about right now would be to use the web browser for this. Now that we have websocket, we could add that to the user-screen. It would work on many platforms; however the question is how big the user-acceptance is for having the web browser open the whole day for such things.

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