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Windows has a lot of great documentation on how to set up network interfaces. I don't want to repeat that here. However what is important is (like in Linux) that the packets that are being sent to the public Internet are using the public IP address of the PBX. This is like in Linux depending on the routing setup of the PBX. In Windows, you can control that with the metrics on the interface. If the metrics are the same, Windows tends to choose the one with the higher bandwidth. Unfortunately, in many environments the LAN has higher bandwidth that the WAN, in which case you end up with the wrong routing. To verify that the packets to the Internet are using the WAN interface, use the "route print" command.


In addition to that, what I have said in the Linux port before also applies to the Windows installation. Be aware about the fact that there are scanners in the Internet who are testing port 5060 for SIP replies. Make your that your passwords are okay by setting the password policy to medium, make sure that you get email (or text) notifications and consider running the service on a different port than 5060. You can actually have the internal service listen on port 5060 and the public IP listen on a different port, with a port setting like this "", which would mean "bind one socket to port 5060 on the IP address and another one on port 8458 on the address".


Also, if you are running Windows Server on a public IP, make sure that the general rules for securing a Windows server are being applies. However, make sure that the pbxctrl.exe process has the right to communicate with internal and external sources.

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thanks for the feedback

i have setup 1 interface to the voip provider and another interface to the local LAN dhcp.

Set the metric and the trunk gets registered to the voip provider and able to complete outgoing and incoming calls through the voip provider.

Also calls between ip phones in the LAN are ok.

Is this all anything else to be done.

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