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One extension forbidden from SOME others


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Note: This was all working fine until this morning and nothing has changed.


We have a snom one set up and working with accounts 41,42,43,44,49 and 7808 (for an odd DDI). Mine is 44. Accounts 41 and 43, when they dial 44 from their main phones get a "Forbidden" error. account 7870 is logged on to the same phone as 41 and that identity can ring 44 just fine from the same physical phone that account 41 can't. 49 can also ring me fine. Agent groups I am in can call my phone and my DDI works just fine.


I have rebooted my phone, the phone of 43, and the server, all with no effect.


Can anyone help me out here please, this is very odd behaviour and it's diving me insane.

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Well, the PBX log. Forbidden can occur actually in many situations. For example, if you have created a redirection loop, you may end up with a Forbidden. The dial plan can generate Forbidden, which should be an obvious feature when you disable certain routes.When you register a device and the To- and From-header are using two different domains, then that's forbidden, too. Or when you subscribe to a dialog state which was forbidden, you get a Forbidden response. If you account was administratively limited (e.g. mailbox only), then registration is forbidden. If you have set a trusted IP address for an extension, then registration requests from other IP addresses are Forbidden. I hope this helps finding the problem.

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