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How to modify hunt group web page


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Basically I have a request to setup a system that acts the following way.


They want it to ring 5 extensions. The thing is they want then to ring individually. So it rings the first ext twice, then the next without including the previous extension. After the first cycle, they want an escape message to play leave a voicemail. Then they want it to cycle again the same way and after the second cycle it forces them to the mailbox.


Any suggestions on this? It doesn't look like the agent queue will ring the extensions individually. Would modifying the hunt groups be the best idea?

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you can always daisy chain 2 hunt groups for this project.


use the agent group setting "http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Agent_Group_Caller_Options Caller option so they can opt out and go straight to VM if they press for example 1 after the message is played.

I think the ACD would work here since you will have more control on where to send the call.

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