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Calls connect after '80' is dialed


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So on my Version: 5.0.10 (CentOS64) pbx im having a global issue.


We are located in UT where the predominant area code is 801


When dialing an 801 number, the call connects immediately after dialing '80'. (Picking up headset and dialing)


If we dial 1-801, it works fine. Alternatively you can type the number in, 801-XXX-XXXX and then hit dial on the phone and the call connects.


This does not happen on any other area code. Meaning you can live dial any other number without adding the 1, i.e. 1-801. It seems to be special to the string '80'


Anyone else experience this issue? I know that '8' is the voicemail prefix. Is this perhaps messing this up? How would I go about fixing this.


Thanks in advance



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Its hard to say if this is a SnomONE issue or a Polycom issue.


I test a 'live dial' from the polycom and it connects right after '80' is typed. works if '1801' is dialed.


I tried this from a Snom360 but this phone acts a little differently. I pick up the headset and dial the full number (801-XXX-XXXX) but it makes me press the check mark to complete the call. If I dial 1801 it completes the call automatically without having to press the check mark.


So its hard to tell if its a setting on the PBX or phone.


Ill look at the Polycoms settings.

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Here is the dial plan config:


<dialplan dialplan.1.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.1.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.1.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.1.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.1.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.1.applyToDirectoryDial="0" dialplan.2.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.2.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.2.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.2.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.2.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.2.applyToDirectoryDial="0" dialplan.3.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.3.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.3.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.3.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.3.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.3.applyToDirectoryDial="0" dialplan.4.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.4.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.4.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.4.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.4.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.4.applyToDirectoryDial="0" dialplan.5.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.5.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.5.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.5.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.5.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.5.applyToDirectoryDial="0" dialplan.6.impossibleMatchHandling="0" dialplan.6.removeEndOfDial="1" dialplan.6.applyToUserSend="1" dialplan.6.applyToUserDial="1" dialplan.6.applyToCallListDial="0" dialplan.6.applyToDirectoryDial="0">
<digitmap dialplan.1.digitmap="" dialplan.1.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.2.digitmap="" dialplan.2.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.3.digitmap="" dialplan.3.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.4.digitmap="" dialplan.4.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.5.digitmap="" dialplan.5.digitmap.timeOut="" dialplan.6.digitmap="" dialplan.6.digitmap.timeOut=""/>
<server dialplan.1.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.1.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.2.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.2.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.3.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.3.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.4.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.4.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.5.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.5.routing.server.1.port="" dialplan.6.routing.server.1.address="" dialplan.6.routing.server.1.port=""/>
<emergency dialplan.1.routing.emergency.1.value="" dialplan.1.routing.emergency.1.server.1="" dialplan.2.routing.emergency.1.value="" dialplan.2.routing.emergency.1.server.1="" dialplan.3.routing.emergency.1.value="" dialplan.3.routing.emergency.1.server.1="" dialplan.4.routing.emergency.1.value="" dialplan.4.routing.emergency.1.server.1="" dialplan.5.routing.emergency.1.value="" dialplan.5.routing.emergency.1.server.1="" dialplan.6.routing.emergency.1.value="" dialplan.6.routing.emergency.1.server.1=""/>


I have my C3PO unit at the shop or Id have him translate it. Can anyone see whats causing my issue?


Anyone able to replicate the issue on their PBX?

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I would expect something like dialplan.digitmap="[2-7]x|8[2-7]x|[2-9]11|1xxxxxxxxxx|011x.T|*x.T". Did you change your dialplan.xml?

Yeah mines the same:




What would cause it to connect after '80'? What do you suggest changing?

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