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AA redirecting to wrong extension when coming in from outside


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We have a very strange behavior on one of our analog trunks. This is a new new analog trunk on a Grandstream 8 FXO gateway. Calls in and out are working perfectly except that incoming calls. This is what happens:


1) All calls to any of the FXo numbers are redirected to a AA using the "Send call to extension:" setting on the redirection settings of the trunk

2) The call gets answered on the AA correctly

​3) The problem is that if the user dials an extension, say 8806 the system dials 8888 instead.

4) if there user dials any of the digits (1,2,3..) of the IVR menu, it also sometimes goes to any other extension.


This behavior ONLY happens when ringing any of the DIDs from the outside. If from any extension I dial the AA number, it works perfectly and as expected. It is something happening when the trunk hands the call to the AA. Any ideas???





this is on a snomone running Delta Aurigids

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Hmm. Is it really numbers starting with 8? Remember that the mailbox prefix is usually 8. Maybe that is causing the issue. The other issue that comes to my mind is that the DTMF tones might be garbled up and so the PB receives multiple 8 instead of just 8. You should be able to see what DTMF tones the PBX has received in the log.

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