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How to get recordings out to customers


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Since all of the call recordings are stored locally on the server...has anyone come up with a good solution to push the recordings out to the customer?


Im running Software-Version: 5.1.2d (CentOS64)


Ive tried getting a bash script to send the files out via FTP, but im no programmer and have not been successful.


Does SnomONE have a built in feature for this? Any help is appreciated.



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There is nothing built-in available... because recordings can be very long, it will be a problem to get for example a one-hour recording out of the system by email. Not sure if we should get over it and send them out, regardless of the size to solve this problem. But the recordings also need to be encoded with a format that can be used by clients. Using uncompressed 128 kbit/s linear makes the situation even worse. We have seen people writing a script that picks the files up, converts it to MP3 and then sends it out (but we have not seen their code <_< ).

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