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Phantom calls hanging. How to kill call


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Ive got a cust complaining that they are getting a lot of google voice calls that just hang on the AA, then leave long, blank messages.


They are wondering if there is any way to block or disconnect these calls.


I can block numbers from my gateway, but this will block them from calling any of my customers and this is not preferred.


Anyone experience a similar issue? Any tips or tricks that we can employ to kill these calls?


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There is a general problem with calls that don't hang up. A typical case is a call from a PSTN gateway that is not able to detect call hangup.


In the AA, there is a hangup timeout for calls that never connect anywhere. This is typically a relatively short timeout (e.g. a minute). Once the call is in the mailbox, the maximum mailbox recording duration will determine when to hang up. This is usually also an acceptable duration.


If the caller has to press a DTMF tone, this is usually a good way to check if there is a real person connected. The AA may help to perform that check: Calls to other accounts are routed only after the caller pressed a key that tells the PBX where to send the call.

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