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Not forwarding out from one domain


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Ive got a domain that has one DID that hits a IVR, then rings out to hunt groups.


They are trying to forward calls out to their cell phone. I have added their cell phone number and changed the "When ringing this ext in a hunt group" to "Include cell phone"


The problem is that its not forwarding out to the cell.


I tested this on another domain on the system and its forwarding out fine in a similar domain architecture.


What settings need to be enable to forward out to the cell? What logging should be increased to find the issue?


Any help is appreciated.


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What logging should I increase?


SIP events? media events?


The default dialplan simply sends everything (8) to the SIP trunk.


There was a modified PnP file for the polycoms that may have been causing us issues. Ill reset that to default and push out the config and see if that clears up the issue.

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Well I would just set all log levels to 9 and do a quick call, then reload the log. This way you can be sure that you have all relevant information... You will see how the PBX sends the call through the dial plan and what patterns should match, but don't. Then probably it will be easy to see where the problem is.

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