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Agent Login Status LED


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I have an issue at a a client since upgrading to Snom ONE 5 where the LED status of the Agent Login/Logout Button is not updating.


Some phones are working OK while some are stuck with the light on and others are off.

Previously the login/logout star codes were different but as per the current manual I have set them both to *64 and the login/logout toggle works but does not update the LED status.


Restarting the PBX seems to resolve this temporarily, restarting the phone has no effect as it restarts with the same LED status as it was previously so this does seem to be a PBX issue with regard to the recorded status of the phone.


All of the agents are using SNOM 320 phones on the latest firmware - 8.7.325.

The PBX is currently running SNOM One 5.1.3

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Well, we found out that some changes that we made for the 3xx phone template were not so good and it caused probably more damage than it helped. Please try to save the attached file into the html folder and re-provision the phone (restart not necessary). After the next upgrade, don't forget to delete the file again.


(edit:) snom_3xx_phone.xml

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