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Wrong time on all phones


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Ive got a customer that is remote to the PBX. They are complaining that all the phones are displaying the incorrect date/time. They come up with 5:02pm 1999.


I have provisioned a Snom 360 to their domain from my office and it registers with the correct date/time and keeps it.


The domain and extension settings are set to the correct time zone (MST).


Is the NTP coming from the Snom server or is it being redirected to another NTP server? If so, what one?


Any thoughts as to why they are not getting good time and date while at their office?

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You can use either an external NTP server or the PBX can also act as (simple) NTP server. If you put an address into the "NTP Server" field (admin/ports), it will hand this out to the phones, Otherwise put in a port for the NTP Port, e.g. 123 and the PBX will provision to use the PBX as time server.


You can always check in the generated folder what has been provisioned to the phones. Very useful to troubleshoot the provisioning.

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So I removed the poot.ntp.org and added the port 123.


The server field in the NTP section disappeared, leaving only the field for port. There was no asterisk next to this so I assume the service does not need to be restarted.


After these changes, we re provisioned the phones and we are getting the same issue.


They are not blocking any ports from the PBX and say that they have not made any changes to their network for some time.

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Im concerned that we are barking up the wrong tree.


Out of the 20 domains I have on this system, this is the only one with a time issue. Whats more is that when I provision a phone to their domain from my office, I get the correct time.


This has to be local to their environment. Please correct me if im wrong.


What could cause this? A firewall? The cust stated that there has been no changes to their environment.

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