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Attended transfer issue

Kurt Harnish

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From the customer

Call transfer – we have encountered this situation several times. We use the attended transfer feature where the receptionist puts

a call on hold, presses a “one touch” key to dial the desired party in house, announces the call, and then presses the transfer button

twice to complete the transfer. If another outside call starts ringing during this process, when Jolene hits the transfer button twice,

the new incoming call gets disconnected and the call on hold that was supposed to be transferred remains on hold (is not transferred).

SNOM ONE Version 5.1.3

SNOM 720 with

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Okay, let me try to understand: The problem is reproducible? Attended transfer, then where exactly does the call come it? This might be a issue with the user interface of the phone. The PBX cannot "see" what is being pressed on the phone and when.


Call waiting is an easily forgotten test case between every button press, also in the call transfer scenario. Easy workaround is to disable call waiting; not sure if that is really addressing the problem.

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Well, how can the PBX help here. This sounds like a problem with the user interface of the phone. When the user presses a button on the phone, this does not mean that the PBX receives a message. Actually the PBX only gets the result of the transfer (or hangup) request. Maybe you can try a different phone type to see if the behavior is different/sufficient.

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The setting you need to adjust is the following -




This setting is used to configure the default behaviour in call waiting scenarios. Default value on will keep the active call on the display, regardless of any incoming calls. All user actions such as hold or transfer will effect the active call. Disabling this setting will display the latest incoming call (all actions will be applied to the call displayed)

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