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decoding snomeOne pcap captured SIP traffic ?


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i've tried to decrypt a pcap file generated from our snomOne IPBX, at first all i can see is UDP traffic in the capture, no SIP traffic.
so i tried to use this tutorial to decrypt SIP-TLS data : http://wiki.snom.com/FAQ/How_to_decode_TLS_calls_using_wireshark

but i doesn't work either, it talk about the server private key, which i don't know where to find ...

have i missed something ?

how can we capture and analyze sip traffic captured from our snomONE IPBX ?

Thanks for your help,



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If you are using version 5.1.3 or higher, the PCAP are already decoded. If you are looking at raw PCAP directly from the interface (either on the phone through the web interface or on the PBX), well it will be hard to crack the decryption hopefully. I think Wireshark has a way to decrypt SSL traffic, but I have never done that before and it sounds like a lot of work. Using the 5.1.3 PCAP on the PBX is a lot easier.

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