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Web Interface User Status Listing


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On the user web client, we have a customer with many extensions that would like to have the users listed alphabetically versus as it is now, numerically by extensions. This will allow the user to find other users quickly for transfer calls via drag and drop. Is this something that can be modified via the template? If so, can you provide the steps on how to do this?

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Well it is all about JavaScript now... Sure the code can be changed (and you might be even able to do that by yourself); however the question is if this is a topic that we should address in a more broad scope so that other users might have the same option.

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I think it is a good idea if you could edit the user web client so you can decide what extensions you want to see and list them in alphabetic order.

As it is now none of our customer use this because they think it's to messy. The will see all accounts in the PBX like auto attendents, huntgroups, unused extensions and so on.



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