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HI Support, I was wondering if Snomone (or Vodia) planned on implementing a full fledged WebRTC implementation.


We have tested it and it is buggy at best.


We have sparodically been able to make calls from a computer with the script enabled using Chrome, but no other browsers. Most of the time there is no audio, no ringback, and when we try different numbers from the key pad, it doesnt seem to work, as it dials the same number continuously.


In terms of receiving calls, i am not sure if this function has been entertained at this stage, as the documentation on this subject is limited.


Please advise if it is something that the development group is working on, or if it isnt going to change.



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Hi, Chrome has changed the way WEBRTC is deployed on its browser with its latest update, in fact they are now following Firefoxs lead in WEBRTC development.

So it's back on the drawing board.


I believe the next build will have a hotfix that will temporally deal with the change but it will only be functional on Chrome.

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