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we have problems to find the right config for the PNP Button of the yealink phones (T48)


PNP is working with 2 failure the langue of the phone is englisch and the website of the phone is french.


For example we want to config the button of the yealink with



ParkOrbit (for account 50)

BusyLamp (for account 100)



All the adjustment in the GUI of the PBX change to BLF in the webinterface of the yealink.

We try BLF with different Starcodes etc the phone to label right this text and the button on the fone is not active.


We try to setup the button direct from the gui of the phone and the button have after this a small icon and looks active.



Maybe you can point us to the right direction how the can use buttons on yealink with the pbx.










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Your PBX version should be 5.2.2 or later.


Simply choose BLF (monitor, speed dial and pickup) on the PBX for all buttons you want to provision.

Then, simply enter the extension or account you want to monitor, speed dial or pickup in the parameter field, e.g. 100. That will take care of the BLF after you provision the phone correctly.


For park orbit, also choose the same BLF (since it also speed dials). Then enter the starcode followed by the park orbit you want to use in the parameter and provision, e.g. *8550 where *85 is the starcode for parking and 50 is the account number of the park orbit.


And so on ...

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