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Backup PBX


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the backup / restore is not working for us.

We try to move the config of the pbx to a other system.


First the make a update from 5.1.0 to 5.2.3 (source) and save the xxxx.tar of the pbx

This xxx.tar file we can not to input this data in the new system 5.2.3 (target).



We found in the files no information about IP Adress of the system or license etc. so this is not the problem for us.





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We encourage users to copy the whole PBX working directory afterwards all you need to do is swap the exe and the pbxctrl.dat file.

or you can just copy everything else except the pbxctrl.exe and the pbxctrl.dat since it's already present on the other machine.


Note: If you're migrating one machine to another you will need to reset the license at vodia.com account portal in order to activate the license on the new machine. You will only get 1 reset though.

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