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LDAP for Yealinks T Series

Carlos Montemayor

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I see that after plug and play, all the section related to LDAP on my Yealink T22P got populated. I mean, it has the server address, user, password, port and the rest of the seemingly correct settings. It also has the correct flags to enable LDAP. So, I figure that LDAP, or at least some functionality of it will work with a Yealink series T phone. That encouraged me to enable one soft key of the phone (under DSSKey, Programable Key) as LDAP. Now, pushing that button shows a display saying that found the address book empty. I had put just three addresses in the global directory (domain level directory) that I do can see in the Console (if I log in as a user).


The data that is populated in the LDAP section of the phone are as follows:


  • Enable LDAP Enabled
  • LDAP Name Filter (](sn=%)(gn=%))
  • LDAP Number Filter (](telephoneNumber=%)(mobile=%))
  • Server Address xxx.xx.xxx.xx # which is the right IP address of my server
  • Port 389
  • Base ou=people
  • Username pbx.xxxxxxxx.com\xx # domain name\extension
  • password ********
  • Max Hits 50
  • LDAP Name Attributes cn sn givenName
  • LDAP Number Attributes telephone Number mobileTelephoneNumber
  • LDAP Display Name %cn
  • Protocol Version 2
  • LDAP Lookup for Incoming Call Disabled
  • LDAP Sorting Results Enabled


Did something go wrong in the population of this data? Is there something that needs to be adjusted in order to be able to use LDAP on the phone?


I am using version 5.2.3 on a debian 64 bit with a hosted license



Thanks in advance

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