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Seeking snomOne Support/Training


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not sure where to post this...


We need support on a snomOne system that was installed 3 years ago as the previous support company is no longer able to provide support. I've been unable to obtain support elsewhere so far and wonder if anyone here would be able to recommend someone who we could approach? We're in Scotland (Edinburgh) and would prefer a local company/engineer but remote support would be better than no support.


I'm interested in learning how to administer the system and am also looking for a recommendation re a suitable training course/resource if possible.




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Hi, Itswt


We can help you get through your support inquiry.


1. Signup up at vodia.com

2. Sign in and navigate to "Products "---->Paid Support


Here you will be able to purchase some support time afterwards we can coordinate some time, based on your timezone using join.me, Via email.


If you would like to go ahead and get familiar with version 5 you can check this link.




What version are you currently running and what type of phones do you have?



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Many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I've already been in touch with someone from Vodia who has taken a look at our system. I've sent him a list of issues that need to be resolved but have not heard back - despite chasing up. I don't know if this means that our system is in such a mess or that I've managed to put him off!


We're running version 4.5 - I can upload Domain Status Overview (once I figure it out). We have a mixture of handsets; 870/820/710/320/300/M9. The M9s are very handy for our open-plan office but call quality is not great a lot of the time and we get dropped calls etc.



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