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Service flag with after hour greeting


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We have recently install and set up pbxin our office. I am trying to set up an after hour greeting for our office , how would I do this? Do I create a IVR Code and add the recording and point the IVR mode to the night service? We are not using Auto Attendant at the moment

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Hi, You can use the AA or create a new one which is a bit more flexible when recording a message and has a lot more options then an IVR.


Try the following.


1. Create a new AA

2. Record your message and make sure to include in your message that the users can press 1 to leave a message in the GM "general mailbox"

3. Add the extension or the VM under the "direct destination" and add a 1 in the user input.


Now you can add your new AA account under the service flag number.

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