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GXP 1405 Changing button configuration through PBX


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So i followed the wiki guidelines on how to provision the Grandstream Phones and was able to provision it without any issues.


The GXP1405 doesnt' have a lot of button configuration (only two lines buttons), but i need them to work as park orbits.


I tried testing several of the button features, BLF, speeddial, service flag..etc but the button settings from the PBX don't seem to affect the phone settings. Once i save the button profile it will cause the phone to reboot but other than that no changes are made.



I thought to customize the template under the specific extension but the grandstream-gxp1400.xml is only present under the domain Customize section.


Please let me know if there are any other steps i should take in order to configure the buttons remotely.


Thank you

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Ok follow up question.


Before this i tested the BLF (Monitor, pickup, speed dial) and Speed Dial paramater button setting but the GXP1405 does not pick this configuration up. I have one setup as a BLF to an extension on the PBX and the speed dial to call a cell phone, but after the phone reboots the buttons still function as Line 1 and Line 2.


Is there a specific paramater or value i have to use for the button number for the GXP1405 to pick up the configuration?

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