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IVR message on busy extension


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We are using PBX system 5.2.5 in our company.

There is too many incoming calls at same time, our managers are busy talking and we would like to use our own IVR message like 'please,wait for an answer or call later, the number you're calling is busy', when 2nd call incoming to an extension.

Any chance to setup this? Aswell manager should be able to reply on 2nd incoming call after finish 1st one or switching between calls.
Thanks for advice

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Hi, Stepan


The agent group can handle multiple calls and is able to accommodate your scenario by recording multiple announcement while you're customer is waiting for the next representative.

If you have an agent group account, check the tab "Caller Setup" here you'll be able to create a flow and a "Caller option" so that customers can opt out of the queue and be redirected elsewhere on the system. ex Voice mail, Auto Attendant ect..


Please check the link below for more information.


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Thank for your answer ! Agent group is great thing with many futures.




Agent groups are often found in offices that handle high-volume customer calls from callers who do not need to speak with a specific person but who require assistance from any of multiple persons, like sales representatives and airline reservations attendants

But what about scenario, when caller wanna talk with specific person ? Actually our task is simple - we are working with regular customers who requesting to speak with their own personal managers, and we need simple call waiting future when 2nd call incoming on busy extension, with our own IVR message instead of ordinary ringing sound. Is it possible here ?

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