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CDR with CMC


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Sorry, Let me explain. We have a client with 100 Employees. We have given them 100 VOIP phones. They have 5 Departments, Like Accoutns, HR and Sales etc. For every department they have a code like for accounts its 12345. They want when they dial any international number system should ask them about a code according to department. I Set-up a address book for them according to CMC code. So they are able to make calls exactly as they want. Only thing is that they want cdr on monthly basis where they can find international call logs accoding to their department (Which department consumed how many minutes). How can we do that?

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Ok. The dial plan actually has a CMC feature that you probably want to use for this.


About the CDR reporting, it is a long topic. If you build something new, I would recommend to use the JSON records which include practically everything. If you want something very simple, I would just write the CDR to a file and import it with Excel at the end of the month (more information on http://www.vodia.com/documentation/cdr doc).

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