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Google contacts calls


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With my last IPBX, I had a software which can do click2call option. It was really useful to call my Google contacts. I wanted to know if Vodia PBX has a similar option and if it's the case how can I do it?


Edit: I just saw you have a webRTC feature. But to have the button Talk, I have to paste a code in my website. So that means I can't have this option with my Google contacts ?




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These are different topics.


If your browser "sees" a phone number, that is because there is a piece of software plugged into your browser that scans your content for anything that looks like a phone number and puts essentially a link around it, so that you can click on it and execute a piece of code that initiates the call. How that is done depends on the PBX obviously, and here the different ways of making phone calls are competing with each other sometimes leaving a mess. Some go through TAPI and others go directly from the browser to your PBX.


If you want to synchronize your google address book with the PBX, that can be done in 5.2.5 essentially by you allowing the PBX to grab a copy of your google address book and put it on the PBX, polling lets say every hour. Then those addresses are inside the PBX, and you can use them for example from the web interface or even from your phone, if it supports LDAP.


Embedding a piece of code in the web server that makes it possible to launch a new window that acts essentially like a soft phone. We are working on that. It will be released with the next build.

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