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Please add 600s settings to TCP/TLS NAT Refresh (s):


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iOS applications requiring for backgrounding support at least 600s refresh time.


Right now it is not possible to set (maximum available setting is 180s), only "default" settings works, but we'd like to be able to control refresh period (default == client control, right?)


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So, "default" is not working at all - iOS client stopping to complain, but all incoming calls are not going to iOS application (neither foreground nor background).


Please add 600s ASAP as we've got a lot of users who is complaining about this issue (iOS SIP)


It should be just a few seconds for you to "fix" it. Thanks in advance.


Screenshot is here:




p.s. manual change in pbx.xml seems to work (<nat_tcp2>600</nat_tcp2), but it should be supported officially

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