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Meeting Point Microphone Issue

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A customer of ours has the Snom Meeting Point and they are experiencing one way audio on outgoing.


It isn't a network related issue as there are over 60 sets on the same site without any one way audio.


I've narrowed down the issue to the microphone but i think i'm missing something because it still actually works but not for speech.


It's currently on the latest firmware




So basically the Meeting Point is unable to pick up speech from anywhere in the room, close or far away from the speaker. You are able to lightly tap around or on the microphone and this will actually be picked up by the Meeting Point. I received verification that this work as customer called himself and left a voicemail of him tapping on the microphone and listening to it afterwards.


Is there any sort of setting that i am missing or is the microphone faulty?


I've reset the device and was able to provision it. i've tried manually selecting the appropriate codecs but so far i'm only able to get the tapping noise to transmit.

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You can as well try to use the DTMF keys in the call to check if the media path is "alive". We have had another case where the audio quality was just terrible (but there was audio coming from the microphone). It can always be that there is a hardware failure with the microphone, especially if scratching the microphone does generate some kind of noise. What you can also try before shipping the device is to go back to a much older firmware, maybe the DSP software is different.

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