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Ring Back Tone is not Working on failover Trunk


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Hi, I am using Vodia Version 5.1.3 and 4.5.0. On both I am having issue for ring back while on fail-over trunk. Let say I have two trunks.

1) A

2) B.

Trunk A is set up as 1st priority and trunk B has 2nd priority in dial plan. When I call to any number and if its completed by trunk A, I can hear the ring back tone which mean my call is going through. If somehow trunk A is not able to complete the call and and call goes through trunk B (which is failover trunk) then I can't hear the ring back which mean I am not sure if call is going through or not till other party picks up and says Hello. If I set Trunk B on 1st priority in dial plan then ring back tone works fine. It seems something is wrong only when it goes through failover. Please advise.




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It is a tricky topic. Generally, the PBX tries to use the remote ring back tone that comes from a trunk, e.g. when you call another country you would hear that country ringback tone or think about vanity ringback tones. If the trunk sends a 18x code without SDP that strategy obviously failed and it uses its own ringback tone from the file ringback.wav. Now when it fails over and it did not have remote SDP, it should continue playing that ringback file; only if the failover happens on a trunk that provides early media the PBX will be in trouble as it has already decided to use the remote early media). BTW the same problem occurs if the remote trunk provides the SDP, but does not provide the actual media, e.g. because of NAT problems.


Not sure what I should recommend here. Failover is really only for failure cases and it should be an exception, where such glitches like early media problems are happening only in a few cases.

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Hi, thanks for reply. I tried to putt multiple trunks from different carriers as failover and all have same issue. As soon as I putt that trunk on 1st priority then it works fine. What you think where its going wrong. If something is wrong with carrier or trunk then it should also happen when I putt it on priority. Please advise.

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It does not matter what carrier you are using, unless there is a carrier that sends 18x without SDP (which would not be considered "good"). I guess we could change the software that resets the ringback logic when the failover happens, so that on the next trunk you would also have the ringback experience.

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