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Ending a call


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Hello again,


Not sure if this is the right spot for my topic, I hope it is.


We have a little issue within our company and it is related with ending the calls.


For example, when a client hang-up but the agent forget /or just does it for a reason/, the call isn't finished and it continues until the agent hang-up.

Of course that reflects on the CDR's and agent may try to take advantage with this /with 'more call durations'/.


I see to solve this problem if there is an option to choose when a particular call ends - in my case - when someone hangs-up - then the call is terminated.


My question is, is there such option /and where/ ? Or some other ideas, perhaps ?

I'd like to thank you all, in advance!



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It is a real problem, and that is why the PBX limits the call duration to two hours by default. In many cases the problem is caused by a PSTN gateway that does not properly detect the call hangup on the far end. For digital gateways (ISDN, PRI) it should really detect the hangup; for analog gateways it is more difficult. Check if there is a "polarity change" option on your trunk then. You can also consider making the call duration shorter e.g. one hour to reduce the problem. And of course remind your agents that they should properly hang up the calls....

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We are using Snomone Blue Delta Aurigids (Win64) softpbx and with SIP trunk with Aastra MX-ONE TSE. Some calls from Snomone to Aastra direction may be suspended. When we try to terminate this type of calls in active calls page, these calls can not be terminated. During this problem new calls can not be taken on ACD queues. How can we terminate this type of calls and why this problem occurres.

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