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Hi, I am using vodia 5.2.5 version. Under trunk custom header "From" I have set up a rule like "<sip:{ext-display}@{domain};user=phone>", now if I call some where my name (which is on extension) displays on other (callee) side but the number (ANI) is appeared as "unknown". Is there a way callee can see my extension name and ANI both on his cell phone when I called? Also please check the attached file. Thanks


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I am sure you have seen http://vodia.com/documentation/trunk_custom_headers already. The "display" name is the "name" of the person, in contrast to her "number". In SIP you put that in from of the less and greater than brackets, e.g. "{ext-display}" <sip:{ext-ani}@{domain};user=phone>


Unfortunately practically all SIP trunk providers throw the display name away. This is because the PSTN was designed around a thing called CNAM, a concept so antique that it takes weeks (if ever) to propagate a change through the network. The system seems currently to collapse, as the software is so old that nobody is able to maintain it any more. Anyway, the PSTN is simply not able to transport your display name to the other side.


On a side note there are a few companies trying to address the problem, e.g. opencnam.com or truecnam.com along with some other problems. Android has also started searching for telephone numbers on incoming calls to figure out who is calling, so you might want to check your Google+ profile again.

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