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Transferring calls


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Hey there


Just recently setup SnomOne as the PBX for our phone system, and using 3rd party phones (Grandstream GXP1200's). Everything works fantastic except for one little issue...


My extension, 100, is able to transfer calls, however the other extension, 200 is not. The call get lost in the system and cannot be retrieved.


Any ideas?



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My first guess would be a problem with the dial plan of that extension. Can that 200 extension call the destination without any problems in a regular call? Also is this a different phone model? Maybe if this phone is not able to have two calls at the same time (one one hold) it might run out of resources. If you can't figure it out, get a PCAP trace for the extension 200 (http://vodia.com/documentation/pcap) so that we can take a look what is wrong.

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