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No output audio


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Hi all,


I am experiencing very unusual problem from yesterday.

When /two/ specific agents are calling, no matter internally or not, other side cannot hear the, at all. However, the agents hear the opposite side.


It is only with with them /and it is not a microphone thing, as I can hear everything on the records/


It is more like a transport problem, but I cant resolve it.


Anyone could help, please ? It is urgent.



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[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Set packet length to 20

[6] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Sending RTP to, codec not set yet

[5] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Incoming call in domain varnamed on port 315 extension 131

[5] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: New call created with number 602

[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 315: Set codec preference count 5

[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:29: Port 316: Set codecs to 9 0 8 2 18 3 preference count 6

[6] 2015/12/22 14:34:30: Port 315: Choose codec PCMA/8000

[5] 2015/12/22 14:34:30: set codec: codec PCMA/8000 is set to call-leg 315

[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Clear last INVITE

[6] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Choose codec PCMA/8000 in answer

[6] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Sending RTP to, codec PCMA/8000

[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: Determine pass-through mode after receiving response

[5] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: set codec: codec PCMA/8000 is set to call-leg 316

[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 315: RTP pass-through mode

[7] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 316: RTP pass-through mode

[6] 2015/12/22 14:34:31: Port 315: Different packet size (20 and 10), falling back to transcoding

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Right now, one of the agents is connected directly to the provider /skipped the pbx/ and of course everything is fine, except the fact that that agent is not in the loop that, of course is not good / acceptable.


The provided log is my case - my desktop phone /Yealink Tiptel IP 284/ which I used so far without problems.

When I setup an x-lite client with same settings - everything works... so the problem it is not the settings I believe...


Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks !



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The problem is solved.

What I did ? ...


Well, since the server is using dual NIC, I decided to bind the IP address of the main one. Then I did a restart of the system /not the server/ and now everything is back to normal.


Any ideas why was that ? I did some changes during the weekend, but if that was the problem, I think that all agents had to be affected because of that ? ...Anyway, it is something which might be helpful for someone in the future.




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